If you’re a homeowner in Collegeville and you’ve been shopping for a new floor in your home, you may have noticed a lot of flooring options that mimic the appearance of hardwoods. While there are some good reasons for choosing one of these hardwood flooring alternatives, there are also some excellent reasons to stick to the real thing. Here are three reasons why a new hardwood floor might be the right choice for you:

Hardwood Flooring in Collegeville

Hardwood is Adaptable

Your taste in décor can change over time. While you may love the warm tones found in the rustic look that’s so popular today, you might prefer the darker colors of a more contemporary style ten years from now. Unlike other types of flooring, you can refinish solid hardwood, which gives you an opportunity to change the color of the stain. So, while you don’t want to do it too often, refinishing allows you to drastically alter your floor’s appearance without having to replace it altogether.

Superior Durability

Hardwood flooring is some of the most durable flooring available. With the right choice of wood species, some regular maintenance, and an occasional refinishing, your hardwood floor can last for generations.

It Adds Value to Your Home

Depending on how long you plan on being in your home, you may be concerned with resale value. For the reasons mentioned above, buyers are generally willing to pay more for a house with hardwood flooring than they are for one with a wood-look substitute. This preference among buyers, coupled with the long lifespan of your hardwood floor, translates into a higher resale value for you.

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