The long, cold winter months are on the horizon, and you may find yourself frantically researching the best ways to keep your Collegeville home warm this season. If you are looking for a hassle-free, simple solution, consider one of our favorite types of flooring – an area rug! Here are a few reasons why our expert designers at Floor Coverings International® of Collegeville love area rugs this season.

area rug Collegeville

Layer Up

When it’s cold out you usually put on a nice warm sweater, jacket, and maybe a pair of gloves or a hat. After all of that, you are toasty warm! Why wouldn’t you do the same for your flooring? You can think of an area rug as a cozy sweater for your colder hardwood or tile floors. This extra layer of soft carpet on top creates a warm, insulating barrier underfoot.

What about once the summer sun shines again? Surely things will get a little hotter, someday. Simply take off the area rug layer and store it away for the next winter.

Wear and Tear

Now, we’re not talking about wearing a sweater; we’re talking about the wear and tear your floor might experience! During the winter you spend more time indoors, your kids might get rambunctious cabin fever, and the effects of the treacherous weather may get tracked indoors on your rain boots. Add an area rug to any space you may want an extra pad of protection from scratches and unwanted damage. Entry ways are great spots for area rugs!

Cozy to Coziest

Area rugs are available in all of the same material as regular carpet flooring. Not all carpets are super soft and warm, however. For the ultimate comfort, get an area rug in the plush style of frieze. The long fibers are extra warm and extra durable for the winter weather.

Get Warm in Collegeville Today!

Stop all of your cold shivering in Collegeville and find a warm area rug you love from Floor Coverings International® of Collegeville. Call us today to schedule a free, in-home consultation! We proudly serve King of Prussia, Lafayette Hill, Blue Bell and surrounding areas.

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