As a Collegeville homeowner with pets, you know that your flooring can take a beating. Floor Coverings International Montco has prepared this post to help you decide on the right material, pile, and color for your next carpet project. With a little help from our experts, you can identify a carpet that works for you and your pet!

Best Carpeting for Pet Owners Montco

Carpet Material

The material of your carpeting is one of the most important items to consider when shopping for your new flooring. Nylon is a popular option for pet owners because it is extremely durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Compared to other carpet fibers, nylon will tend to hold up better to high levels of foot traffic. It will also hold up better to animal-inflicted damages. The ease with which you can clean nylon’s surface will make accidents less of a pain to deal with, and the affordability of this fiber makes nylon the perfect flooring for any pet owner who is looking for quality without a high price-point.


Carpet pile refers to the fibers that make up the flooring’s composition. Threads are sewn into a carpet backing and then either left alone, creating loop pile, or are snipped in half creating an open threaded surface that characterizes cut pile carpets.

As a rule of thumb, cut pile carpets are usually better for homeowners with pets since loop piles can catch the claws of your cat or dog. This can result in a painful yank for your pet and a torn up carpet for you. Cut pile carpeting is also extremely soft underfoot, providing a nice cushion for you and your animals.

Loop pile can be an option if your pets are not scratchers and will leave the flooring alone. If this is the case, then loop pile is an excellent flooring choice for households with animals due to its high level of durability and the fact that it is easy to clean.


Dark colors and patterns are an obvious choice if you have pets. Darker shades will disguise many stains, and they will also help to conceal pet hair if your animal sheds a lot.

One carpeting option for pet owners to consider is Berber. This style of carpet is available in a speckled pattern that conceals stains, dirt, and debris. Berber is a type of loop pile carpeting though, so only install this type of flooring if you have a pet with short claws that doesn’t like to scratch at carpet.

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