carpet stain cleaning Montco CollegevilleKnowing how to clean the carpet in your Collegeville home is important if you want it to last. So what’s the best way to get the mess out before it can set? Well, that depends on what caused the mess in the first place!

Read on for some simple tips, courtesy of the carpet experts at Floor Coverings International Montco! While most of these suggestions will apply to carpets of all styles and materials, it’s always smart to consult with the manufacturer or installer first.

And don’t forget: occasional professional deep-cleaning and a regular cleaning routine will help improve the air quality in your home and keep your carpet looking new.

carpet cleaning tips Montco Collegeville

Dirt and Debris

If you’re dealing with mud, wait for it to dry. Then follow the same steps for cleaning up any other dirt and debris: vacuum it up! If there’s still a little discoloration left over, using warm water with a very small amount of dish soap on your rag should do the trick.

Coffee and Wine

Blot and dab – don’t rub! Rubbing will simply spread the stain and increase the affected area. Use a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge (emphasis on clean; you don’t want to rub a new mess into the old one) to put pressure on the stain. The goal is to absorb as much of the liquid as possible, so keeping your cloth or sponge dry beforehand is smart. Then use cold water to dilute the stain and perform another round of dabbing.

carpet cleaning wine Montco CollegevilleOils

There’s some anecdotal evidence of success cleaning oils with rubbing alcohol or dish soap – but for something like car or kitchen oil, you may want to consider a professional cleaning (depending on the size of the mess). If you do tackle it yourself, the same blotting rule applies here.

Dog/Cat Urine

Don’t plan on keeping the rag or sponge after this one; using an old shirt or worn-out rag for the job is a good idea when dealing with pet urine. In general, you should be cautious about using DIY cleaning methods since they can be abrasive and cause discoloration in the carpet fibers. Choose a color-safe pet urine cleaner recommended by your installer or manufacturer.

Get Started Today

If it’s time to replace the carpet in your Collegeville home because it’s beyond repair – or if you’re simply ready to rejuvenate your space with something more stylish and durable – get in touch with the experts at Floor Coverings International Montco! Our team is proud to serve King of Prussia, Lafayette Hill, Blue Bell and surrounding areas, and you can always schedule a free, in-home consultation to get advice in person. We’ll help you find a carpet that fits your budget and lifestyle – so get started today!

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