Many of the common and traditionally used hardwood species you’ll run across are sourced domestically. Red oak, maple, and hickory are popular members of this domestic wood club. But why stick to something basic when you can get a timeless floor with a unique flair?

Here at Floor Coverings International Montco, we love seeing exotic hardwoods in homes for many reasons. Below are our three favorite exotic hardwood species and the benefits they could bring to your King of Prussia home!

TigerwoodTigerwood Hardwood King of Prussia

If a bold floor is your style, then tigerwood is the way to go. This hardwood gets its name from its striped graining and warm color. Tigerwood is generally harvested in Africa or regions in South America – especially Brazil.

This hardwood scores 1,850 on the Janka hardness scale, which is a ranking system used to compare the density of hardwoods. This score means that tigerwood is relatively dense and resistant against scratching and denting. This hardwood is also known for being oily, which makes it slightly more resistant against water damage than dryer hardwoods.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing exotic hardwoods is that the harvesting practices surrounding them can sometimes be unregulated, making them an unsustainable flooring choice. Be sure to stick to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified tigerwood to ensure that your hardwoods are eco-friendly.

Brazilian CherryBrazilian cherry hardwood king of prussia

Brazilian cherry is one of the most commonly used exotic hardwoods in the country, as it is beautiful, durable, and plentiful. As the name suggests, this hardwood is harvested in Brazil and it brags a deep, reddish color that can instantly warm up any room. One thing that makes this hardwood stand out is its exceptionally high Janka rating: it scores 2,350, meaning that it is very dense and very durable.

You can feel safe installing this hardwood in family rooms, hallways, and kitchens, because it will be able to stand up to a lot of foot traffic. Brazilian cherry’s availability makes it one of the more affordable exotic hardwood choices, and its warm color makes it a perfect choice for homeowners seeking a cozy or sophisticated look.

Ipe Hardwoodbrazilian walnut hardwood king of prussia

Ipe hardwood, otherwise known as Brazilian walnut, has a couple of things in common with Brazilian cherry: its warm color and high Janka rating. Ipe is commonly found in dark, chocolate tones and is great for creating a sleek or sophisticated look. This hardwood scores 3,684 on the Janka hardness scale – it is by far one of the densest woods on the market.

For this reason, ipe is commonly used in outdoor decking. If you’re looking for a hardwood that truly is hard, then ipe is the way to go. Denting or scratching this flooring will be tough, and with the proper sealant you can even feel safe installing it outdoors.

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These are just a few of our favorite exotic hardwood species. Check out our online product gallery to see the vast selection of hardwoods we have available for your King of Prussia home! Call Floor Coverings International Montco today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and our experts will help you select the perfect hardwood for your home. We proudly serve King of Prussia, Lafayette Hill, Blue Bell and surrounding areas.

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