The hardwood floors you select can set the tone for your entire room. If your furniture and paint colors lend themselves to a modern feel, you don’t want a floor that looks rustic, or your space won’t flow. Learning which types of flooring fit different aesthetics will help you hone in on hardwood options for your space. Here are three common interior design aesthetics and the hardwood style that will highlight it best.

Red Oak Hardwood FlooringModern

If you are looking for flooring that lends itself well to the modern and contemporary look of your home, consider red oak hardwood flooring. Natural red oak wood comes in a wide range of colors. Some of it has a lighter, honey coloring to it, while the heartwood has a rich red hue. Red oak planks are made utilizing all of the colors of the wood, resulting in a floor that breaks up the monotony of a traditional hardwood floors. The multiple shades make it possible to match different parts of the wood to your existing modern features. Red oak also has a distinct grain pattern that is becoming more and more popular with current interior design trends.

Hardwood in entryway MontcoCountry Farmhouse

This trending style is characterized by warm hues, distinctive fixtures, and natural elements. If this describes your home, you’ll want to consider light-colored hardwoods with natural luster, rather than a polished floor. Hardwoods such as beech or ash are great picks if you want to want to brighten your space. However, it is common to see a mix of hardwood textures and colors in country designs, so you are not confined to only a few choices. Prioritize the authentic, unfinished look of wood and reserve glossier sheens for accent pieces.

country farm house flooring in Montgomery CountyRustic

One good hardwood species to consider that matches the rustic aesthetic all on its own is hickory. The irregular and prominent color variation and markings give it a very authentic feel perfect for the natural look of rustic aesthetics. However, to really embrace the trend, we suggest reclaimed, distressed, or hand-scraped hardwood. These three styles highlight the imperfections and unique personality of an individual section of wood and will give your floors a truly lived-in look.

Trying to find the right hardwood floors for your home can be a tough task. There are an endless variety of species and styles to select from. However, this process can be much easier with a little help from Floor Coverings International Montco. Get started with a free in-home design consultation where we can narrow down the choices according to your budget, needs and ideal aesthetic. Call us today!

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