Lafayette Hill flooringWinter is a time when many homeowners turn to the thermostat to warm up their home and stay cozy. However, flooring plays a big role in how warm your home stays during this chilly time of year. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Montco have compiled a list of ways to use flooring to stay extra warm this winter in Lafayette Hill.

How Flooring Warms Your Home

First, let’s explain the kind of role flooring plays in regulating the temperature of your home. Some types of flooring like carpet and cork are very insulating. This means they trap a room’s internal temperature, preventing heat from escaping into the subfloor. Other types of floors like stone and tile are highly conductive, so heat travels through them quickly, allowing warmth to escape. This is why stone and tile can feel cold to the touch and why rooms with tile floors might feel extra chilly.

Warm Up With Wool

Carpet is a wonderful insulator, as the fibers and carpet pad serve as barriers to prevent heat from escaping the room. Out of the commonly used carpet materials, wool is perhaps the best for staying warm. Most people are familiar with how warm wool is in clothing, so it’s no surprise that this luxurious, soft fiber will serve as an extra warm insulator for your home as well.

Install wool carpet in rooms with low levels of foot traffic, or invest in wool area rugs to place over cold stone or tile floors. This will help to trap heat and keep your feet cozy during the cold winters.

Stay Cozy With CorkCork flooring Lafayette Hill

Cork is another one of the most insulating flooring choices. This material contains countless tiny air pockets, which serve to trap a room’s internal temperature. This also makes cork very cushiony underfoot – great for rooms where you spend a lot of time standing. Cork flooring is an earthy, neutral flooring choice that is favored for its unique patterns and eco-friendly nature.

If you prefer the look of hardwood but still wish to benefit from cork’s insulating properties, use cork as an underlayment. For a quick and easy flooring renovation during the busy holidays, consider using cork under a floating floor like luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl comes in interlocking planks or tiles and can be installed over existing floors, making this a wonderful and durable choice for insulating your home before the holidays.

Radiant Heat Flooring

For a bigger project, consider installing radiant heating beneath your floors. Radiant heating helps to warm your home from the ground up, rather than pushing out air from vents. Radiant heating is most effective when paired with conductive flooring like tile and stone, but not when paired with insulating floors like carpet, as these will trap the heat beneath the floor. Radiant heat flooring is a wonderful choice for homeowners who want to stay extra warm during the winter, but who also want to be able to turn the heat off during the summer to enjoy the cool feel of tile underfoot.

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