The look of hardwood is timeless and irresistible. However, the price tag of installing new hardwood floors can deter even the most determined buyers. Here at Floor Coverings International Montco, we want to provide you with all the possible options to achieve the look you want in your home.


Wood-Look Tile Flooring MontcoWood-look flooring alternatives can be highly affordable, easy to care for, and more resistant to stains or moisture warping than classic solid hardwood floors. High-resolution images of real wood are used to as the top layer of synthetic planks so they appear as natural as possible. Here are three great alternatives that provide the comforting, elegant, and timeless look of wood.



Laminate is an exceptionally durable material that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and also won’t expand and contract as humidity levels rise and fall. It is also one of the easiest types of flooring to install because it does not even require tearing out the existing flooring or baseboards. Laminate planks can “float” above existing floors – no nails or glue necessary. These qualities make it possible to install laminate anywhere in your home, including moisture-prone utility rooms and below-grade rooms. Lastly, you can find laminate with a noise-reducing cork layer so it’s quieter to walk on.


Porcelain Tile

Tile is a high-performance floor, even better than wood and laminate in certain applications. It’s less prone to scratching, so it’s great for heavy traffic areas and for homes that have pets. Porcelain is extremely non-porous and will not become damaged by excessive moisture. Hardwood has never been a great option for bathrooms, but now you can get the stunning, unique, and natural aesthetic of wood in your King of Prussia, Lafayette Hill, or Blue Bell home with wood-look porcelain tile. If you’re worried about the chilly feeling underfoot commonly associated with porcelain, keep in mind that these tiles are a perfect material to use with radiant floor heating so you can stay warm all year round!


Luxury Vinyl Flooring MontcoLuxury Vinyl

More affordable than tile, yet more durable than laminate, vinyl flooring is often the ideal wood-look option. Like laminate and tile, it offers easier upkeep than wood, and it can closely mimic practically any type of wood flooring. When you don’t have the budget for a solid hardwood floor or you simply don’t want to invest all that time in cleaning and waxing, vinyl can be a great choice. Don’t go comparing it to the vinyl of the 70s – this product is a huge step up. Luxury vinyl tiles are one of the most stylish wood-look alternatives on the market.


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Photo Credit: © Rodenburg Photography, © 7 Company