berber carpet collegevilleWhen it comes to choosing a carpet, homeowners must consider the color, texture, material, pile type, and looping of their potential new floor. All of these qualities can be overwhelming to choose from, so the experts at Floor Coverings International Montco like to provide guides to the most popular carpet options to make your decision easier. Below is our guide to berber carpet, a durable and beautiful choice for your Collegeville home.

What is Berber Carpet?

berber carpet collegeville

The name “berber” originally comes from the North African Berber tribes who weave patterned carpets. These carpets have a distinct flecked pattern, but are also always woven in loops. Eventually, the term “berber” became associated with a style of looped carpet, rather than the flecked pattern created by the Berber tribes.

Carpet Durability

A durable carpet is one that does not show wear and tear after heavy use, or whose fibers do not crush or unravel easily. Looped fiber carpets like berber tend to be more durable than cut-loop fibers like frieze or plush carpets.

Thanks to its looped fibers, a berber carpet will not show wear and tear easily. This makes it a popular choice in areas with heavy foot traffic, like hallways and staircases. Some may worry about the loops snagging, but this is very unlikely to happen with Berber.

Comfort and Appearance

berber carpet collegeville

Looped fibers are more dense and compact, making them less cushiony underfoot than plusher carpets. However, a carpet gets most of its cushion from the carpet pad, meaning that you won’t be sacrificing much comfort by going with a berber carpet.

Berber carpets tend to come in large loops, making them softer than many other types of looped carpets. These large loops give berber a distinct appearance which looks both plush and sleek.


Berber carpets require less manufacturing than other popular cut-loop carpets, making them a little more affordable. Of course, the price of your berber carpet will depend on the quality of the material used. The highest quality materials you can choose include nylon and wool, both of which will provide superior comfort, warmth, and durability. Olefin and polyester will be more affordable, but less durable and soft.

Get Started in Collegeville Today

Berber is the perfect choice for Collegeville homeowners looking for a unique and durable carpet. Contact Floor Coverings International Montco today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you choose the perfect carpet for your home. We proudly serve King of Prussia, Lafayette Hill, Blue Bell and surrounding areas.

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