Carpet is a staple of homes in King of Prussia and the surrounding areas, but with the hundreds of carpeting choices that Floor Coverings International Montco provides, picking the right type for your home or office can be difficult. Here’s a quick rundown on carpet to help you make the best decision possible.

Carpet Pile in King of Prussia

What is Carpet Pile?

Carpet flooring is made up of two parts: the pile, and the backing. A carpet pile is made up of a cluster of fibers. It’s the technical word for the part of the carpet that you see and feel. Carpet pile has several characteristics, all of which have an impact on both comfort and durability.


Fiber Material: Carpet fibers are made of both synthetic materials, like nylon and polyester, and natural materials, like wool and sisal.

Nylon stands out as a popular choice among all fiber materials due to its ability to perform well in high-traffic areas and its superior resistance to stains and dirt.

Loop Pile vs. Cut Pile: In addition to a variety of materials, carpet is also available as both loop and cut pile. When the pile is sewn to the backing, it forms a loop, thus the name loop pile. As you might guess, a cut pile is made by cutting the upward facing end of the loop. In general, cut pile carpets are more comfortable, while loop pile carpets tend to last longer.

Loop Pile Carpet in King of Prussia

Berber carpeting is a common example of a loop pile, and frieze carpet is a popular type of cut pile carpeting.

Pile Length: Pile length can make a considerable difference in how your carpet performs. Longer piles will feel more comfortable but can also trap dirt and moisture due to their lengthy fibers. Shorter pile carpets are easier to clean, but they may reveal wear and tear over time in high-traffic areas.

Pile Twist: The more times a pile is twisted per inch, the higher the pile twist. Carpets with a higher pile twist hold up better in general, which makes them ideal in areas with lots of foot traffic or under heavy furniture.

Pile Density: The more pile per square inch, the higher the density, and the more comfortable, plush, and durable your carpet will be.

Carpet Installation in King of Prussia

Backing and Underlayment

Carpet Backing: In addition to securing the pile, the carpet’s backing performs other functions, including helping to absorb sound and hiding seams.

Carpet Underlayment: The underlayment that goes between your flooring and the subfloor serves a variety of purposes. Depending on which one you choose, the underlayment can protect the subfloor from mold and mildew, provide insulation, and help your carpet stay cleaner by providing air flow while you vacuum.

We’re Your King of Prussia Carpet Experts!

When you’re trying to pick out a carpet for your home or office, comparing things like pile twist, density, and material can be overwhelming. Let us keep track of those details so you can focus on the fun stuff, like color and style! Floor Coverings International Montco proudly serves King of Prussia, Lafayette Hill, Blue Bell, and surrounding areas. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation with one of our experts today to save $200 off your next project!

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