Few flooring options offer as many benefits with as much versatility as carpet tile (also known as carpet squares). Whether you are looking to redesign the floors of your Collegeville office or home, it’s time to consider all that carpet tile has to offer.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Just as their name suggests, carpet tiles are individual pieces of carpet that are usually cut into 18-inch by 18-inch squares, though they can be much larger. When arranged with identical, complementing or drastically different tiles around them, there are limitless opportunities to create a floor worth showing off.

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From school classrooms to doctors’ offices to libraries, there is a reason why carpet tiles are incredibly common in high-trafficked areas. Because of the strong backing beneath the visible portion of the carpet, the tiles are tremendously durable. And although eventual wear and tear is inevitable, because each tile is individually placed, the damaged tile can be replaced without needing to replace the entire carpet. This is a tremendous cost-saving measure. When it’s time to replace one or several tiles, call the experts at Floor Coverings International Montco for the worry-free solution.

Another reason to consider carpet tiles is because of the design possibilities they provide in more professional areas. When choosing wall-to-wall carpets, most professional buildings choose to be overly conservative as a way of avoiding being too eccentric, and the result is drab carpet decisions. However, it is incredibly easy to find a middle ground with carpet tiles by using alternating tiles or patterns to create the perfect balance.

carpet tile collegeviewA More Playful Approach

Depending on the aesthetic or design goal, maybe a formal look is not the intended result. In that case, tiles are still a great option for a more playful or friendly approach with bright colors or unusual designs (or both). The options are limitless and allow for endless creativity in color and layout. In certain cases, this also has the added benefit of making a room feel bigger and lighter solely because of the carpet.

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Carpet tiles and squares are certainly not for every room or building. They lack the lush look and comfort that people sometimes associate with carpet, but they certainly provide plenty of other benefits.

If you think carpet tile is the perfect fit for your Collegeville home or office, or if you just want more information, reach out to the experts at Floor Coverings International Montco to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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