nylon carpetCarpet is a traditional flooring choice for many Collegeville homeowners, thanks to its comfort and versatility. However, not all types of carpet are created equal. Nylon, for example, is by far the most commonly used fiber material thanks to its exceptional durability and softness. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Montco have compiled a list of nylon carpet basics that any homeowner should know when selecting a carpet.

Nylon: King of Carpet Fibers

Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and olefin constitute the vast majority of all carpets made in the country. While natural carpets like wool and sisal have many unique benefits, homeowners and commercial building owners prefer synthetic carpets for their durability, affordability, and resistance to liquid damage.

Nylon is the most popular synthetic carpet material on the market, making up 65% of the carpet sold in the U.S. The quality and brand of your chosen nylon fiber will affect its durability, longevity, and price. Overall, nylon is the preferred carpet material of choice because it is the strongest synthetic fiber available, making it practical in the home, office, and other commercial areas.

Nylon Durability

In order to be considered durable, a carpet must be able to resist crushing, pilling, and abrasion. A good nylon carpet is resistant against all of these, making it a wonderful choice for high traffic areas in the home. Of course, the style of your carpet will also determine its durability. A looped carpet will be more resistant against wear and tear, while a high, cut-pile carpet will be more prone to unraveling and crushing over time.

Softness and Comfortnylon carpet

Although the quality of your nylon carpet will affect its texture, this material is generally incredibly soft. Many synthetic carpets provide this luxury, but nylon tends to have a better texture retention than other carpets. For maximum comfort, go with a cut-pile carpet like plush, Saxony, or frieze. These will provide a soft, cushiony feel underfoot.

Maintaining a Nylon Carpet

Although nylon is not inherently stain resistant, most nylon carpets are manufactured with a stain-resistant treatment for protection against spills and grime. The most stain resistant type is solution-dyed nylon, which traps color during the manufacturing process, making it less likely to stain. However, nylon remains a very absorbent fiber, so even though you may not need to worry much about stains, it will be important to keep your carpet as dry as possible to prevent mold and mildew growth.

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