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Break out your bell-bottoms and peace signs – shag is back! What once was considered a relic of the 70’s is now making an appearance in the trendiest of Blue Bell homes. Shag makes a great accent piece as an area rug, or it can create a bold (and comfortable) statement as broadloom carpeting. Let’s explore what makes shag unique and the best ways to use it in your home.

What IS Shag Carpet?

Shag is a variation of the more common frieze carpeting, which is made of long twisted fibers. Shag carpet has a higher pile than the traditional frieze carpet, with longer fibers to create a more cushioned feel. The modern shag comes in many different styles that look much different than the traditional 70’s shag. Modern fibers create luxuriously soft carpets, strikingly creative statement carpets, and classic but muted comfortable options.

How Can Shag Improve My Home?

Adds Comfort

The long fibers of shag carpet create an extremely comfortable walking experience. This can make a home feel warmer and more welcoming as guests feel at ease in a comfortable environment. This is also a plus for families with small children as the unavoidable ups and downs will result in fewer tears than a harder flooring would.

Hides Dirt

Those long fibers do more than just cushion the feet, they also do a great job of hiding dirt. For busy homes with lots of traffic, there is less need to worry about how the carpet is holding up.

Long Lasting

This style of carpet is very durable because the long, twisted fibers tend to lie sideways rather than straight up. Thanks to this, foot traffic has a lower impact on the strength of the fiber.

Makes a Statement

Shag is more than just practical. When chosen correctly, it can make a room pop with style. Shag is very versatile, and when paired with understated accents, it can create a vintage modern aesthetic. The contrast of shag with sleeker home décor or flooring creates an intriguing point of visual interest in a home.

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