montco walnut hardwood floor

Walnut goes by several aliases, including American walnut and black walnut. However you choose to name it, walnut is one of our favorite hardwoods at Floor Coverings International Montco.

Walnut is, by hardwood standards, a somewhat delicate material. Despite this, walnut is also considered a luxury hardwood, and we want to share our passion for this unique hardwood with homeowners in the Collegeville area!

The Walnut Hardwood Aesthetic

Walnut is a hardwood of rich brown color, a deep and chocolatey hue to warm the heart. It features long, elegant grain markings across its length. Over the course of walnut hardwood’s home life, it often darkens in certain areas. A lighter walnut shade can help to slow this darkening process if you are concerned that it will become too dark over time.

Walnut is also quite receptive to hardwood staining, which means there is a wide range of possible colors with which to stain your walnut. With this hardwood, homeowners can enjoy increased control over their home decor.

montco walnut hardwood floor

The Walnut Hardwood Build

Walnut rates 1,010 on the Janka hardness test, which tends toward the lower end. Of course, walnut is a hardwood, and human strength alone cannot disfigure or warp it. What the Janka score ultimately means is that walnut hardwood can scuff a bit easier than your average hardwood.

Protective sealants are a must-have for walnut hardwood owners, especially if there are pets present, or if it is a high-traffic household. Applying a sealant will help to keep your walnut looking beautiful and unmarred.

Additionally, area rugs in key places throughout the home can be a viable option for combatting scratches. Walnut really shines when it comes to mold resistance, though. It is also extremely resilient to water damage, rot, infestation, and humidity-induced warping.

Walnut may be soft by wood standards, but it is a high-end hardwood with an unbeatable resilience to natural threats and a beauty that just can’t be imitated. Treat it right, and your walnut hardwood flooring will last you for years to come.

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