subway tile king of prussia

Have you ever wondered how subway tiles got their name? There’s no telling just how this particular design caught on in early 20th-Century America, but the emergence of subway tile into the hearts of New York City travelers began amidst speeding underground transports.

Today, subway tiles can be found in any home — in fact, a great many King of Prussia homes feature it in their kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere else homeowners wish to invoke the classic style of the original tunnels. Here is our quick review of subway tile by the flooring enthusiasts at Floor Coverings International Montco.

Installing Subway Tile for Custom Design

The list of subway tile lay patterns is a bit long. You’ve got straight, offset, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, herringbone, and parquet. While memorizing these options may be worth a small award, there’s no denying it’s good to have options. With subway tile, you’ve got more options than an interior designer knows what to do with. Add to the available patterns a wealth of colors, and you can be sure your own subway tiles will make for unique home decor.

subway tile king of prussia

Materials for Subway Tiles

The customization options for subway tile continues as we explore materials. Try classic ceramic or porcelain for enduring floors or backsplashes with excellent durability. Alternatively, the semi-translucent allure of glass subway tiles can’t be understated.

Natural stone can also be formed into subway tile for an elegant and strong surface, and no matter what your materials, colors, or lay patterns, the choice to bevel your tile edges comes down to you. With subway tile, you are the artist. Make your home your own!

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