Travertine is a type of limestone that forms around mineral springs. It has been in use since ancient times to construct buildings and sculptures, many of which are still standing. Most travertine tile used today is sourced from Mexico, Turkey, and locations around South and Central America. Here at Floor Coverings International Montco, we love using travertine tile for floors, backsplashes, and showers. Read below to learn more!

Advantages of Travertine Tile:

Travertine Tile in Collegeville

Durable: Like most natural stone tiles, travertine can withstand a volume of foot traffic that far exceeds what would be expected in an average residence.

Travertine is also capable of weathering extreme heat and cold, as well as fluctuations in temperature. With proper care, travertine can last a lifetime. This makes it a wonderful choice for boosting your Collegeville home’s resale value.

A Variety of Sizes, Colors, and Styles: Travertine tiles are available in a variety of sizes that range from small mosaic tile to large 18” x 18” tiles.

While colors are limited to those that are produced in nature, there are still several shades of ivory, cream, grey, hazel, and more. You can also choose from polished, honed, tumbled, brushed, and split-face styles.

A Variety of Uses: Travertine is commonly used as flooring, for counter tops, on patios, and in showers. Its durability and water-resistant qualities make it usable in almost any area of the home.

Eco-Friendly: Because travertine is quarried at mineral springs rather than being manufactured, it is considered to be one of the more environmentally friendly flooring materials available.

Travertine mosaic tile in Collegeville


Maintenance: Travertine tile is porous, so certain precautions need to be taken to ensure it is maintained properly. It is highly recommended that you have your travertine sealed by a professional upon installation, and that you reseal it annually to maintain protection.

Where more regular maintenance is concerned, special care needs to be taken to use a cleaner that is safe for use on natural stone.  Acidic cleaners, like those containing ammonia, can damage and permanently stain travertine.

Comfort: Travertine tile can be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time and can also feel cold on bare feet. You can overcome both of these issues by using area rugs to provide some padding and warmth.

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